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Ava DuPree is a multi-talented artist, with acting, writing, and recording acclaim to her name. Her music is characterized by a unique blend of genres – including blues, jazz, and soul – and her powerful vocals and poignant lyrics make for a compelling and emotional listening experience. DuPree’s music has been praised for its authenticity and sincerity, and is a testament to her versatility as an artist.

album Blues for Sistah Dupree

Blues for Sistah DuPree

Recorded live before an audience at Theta Cafe. This new album features the year’s best original songs – brimming with emotion and wit – all destined to be classics!

Ava has surrounded herself with wonderful and talented musicians like herself – Yve Evans, Joel Scott, Bradley, Austin Bobo, Jack LeCompte, Bob Emmett, Steve Petersen, and Amin Nazir.

Together, Ava and they create musical magic!

ALBUM - Ava Dupree Live Really Live

Live...Really Live

Recorded live at a gig in Bel Air. Complete with audience participation and club fun.

ALBUM - Melody & Memory

Melody & Memory

A fun way to learn basic communication skills that is also useful as an ESL tool.

is a fun way to learn basic communication skills. Volume I teaches the alphabet, numbers 1-20, days of the week, months, foods, and the body. It is also useful as an English as a Second Language tool.

The producers, Ava DuPree and Pablo Aguirre are a dynamic writing team who have hearts committed to music and education. Vernee’ Watson-Johnson is co-lyricist on several songs and a well-recognized voice and face in Television and Film.

Ava DuPree is the main writer and sings all of the songs. Pablo Aguirre handles all of the instruments and programming



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