Ava DuPree

A True Triple-Threat!

Ava DuPree is a multifaceted artist hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee. She has been singing live and in the studio for several years, both in the United States and Europe, and is known for her sultry singing style and engaging personality. 

From sessions to backyard anniversaries, Ava’s wit and passion for music keep audiences captivated, and she has released several albums, including Blues for Sistah DuPree and Melody & Memory (Music for Education). In between album projects, Ms. DuPree has also composed and performed for film, television, and stage, including the end title track for the 2005 reality show Urban Jungle.

In addition to her work as a musician, Ms. DuPree has served as the Minister of Music at Palisades Lutheran Church for 8 years and has been a festival favorite at the LA Sweet & Hot Jazz Festival as well as the Dixieland Monterey Jazz Fest. 

Her many credits include film roles in Showgirls and Dreamlover, television appearances on Roseanne, Portrait of a Domestic Goddess, and Seaquest, music videos for The O’Jays, Hammer, and David Bowie, and stage performances in The Glory of His Name, Odysseus, Legends in Black, and The Crucible

This multifaceted entertainer has also found time to write and publish a book, Little Girls All, and has been seen in numerous television commercials. She is the owner and founder of Eclectic Cowgirl Productions, and her musical arrangements are always full of unexpected twists. 

It’s always an exciting and enjoyable experience when Ava DuPree is performing.

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