Blues For Sistah DuPree Recording Session
Friends & Family
Ava & Gregory Hines
Wrap Party for "Cherokee Kid"
Alaina Reed Hall & Ava
Ava's Birthday
JA Preston & Ava
at Miceli's
Sinbad & Ava
Soul Music Festival in Aruba
Patti Austin & Ava
Ava admits to Patti that she copies her version of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes."
Ava In Aruba
Evan Mykol Blake & Ava
The night we recorded "Really Live"
Nigel Dick & Ava
Ava's Birthday
George Gaffney & Ava
Ava sits in with George at Miceli's
Sister Dr. Von, Mom & Ava
After my nieces tried to make me a blonde! Mom - gone 2001
Sister Adora & Ava
Ava as Melody Maker; Adora - gone 2004
Ava and 'em
John Rangel, Nedra Wheeler, Ava DuPree,Jack LeCompte